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How Automatic Bootstrap the AngularJS Application

In this AngularJS basic example you will learn how automatically bootstrap AngularJS application using ng-app.

Here you can view the output of the example and you can also "try it yourself" by clicking on "Live Demo" button given at the bottom.


var app = angular.module("myApp",[]);
//Automatic bootstrap AngularJS
<html ng-app="myApp">
    <!-- ... -->

How to Bootstrap the AngularJS Application

<html ng-app="myApp">  
<head> <! -- --> 
<title>My first AngularJS code</title>  
<Script SRC=""></Script>  
  //Create module
  var app = angular.module("myApp",[]);
  app.controller('myController', ['$scope', function($scope) {    
  $scope.yourProperty = 'This is from controller';     
<h1 ng-controller="myController">Message -  {{  yourProperty  }}</h1>