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AngularJS $scope.$apply() Function

The AngularJS $apply function is used to execute an expression in AngularJS from outside of the angular framework. When the $apply() function call finishes AngularJS calls $digest() internally, so all data bindings are updated. That make sure that all watches are checked, and thus all data bindings refreshed. The $apply function takes a function as parameter to execute.



AngularJS $scope.$apply() Function Example

<!DOCTYPE html>        
<head> <!-- -->        
 <script src="//"></script>         
    <meta charset="utf-8">        
    <title>AngularJS $apply Example</title>        
var app = angular.module('app', []);        
    app.controller("ApplyController", function($scope) { 
       $scope.applyTest = "Default Value";

        $scope.updateApplyTest = function() {
            $scope.applyTest = "From Inside AngularJS";

                .addEventListener('click', function() {
          $scope.applyTest = "From Outside AngularJS Using $digest()";
                .addEventListener('click', function() {
            $scope.$apply(function() {
          $scope.applyTest = "From Outside AngularJS Using $apply()";
<body style="background-color:#DDE4E9;">        
  <fieldset style="background-color:#DDE4E9;">                    
    <legend>AngulerJS $apply Method Example</legend>         
  <div ng-app="app">              
    <div ng-controller="ApplyController">   
      <p style="font-family:Arial;color:yellow;background:steelblue;padding:3px;width:350px;"    
     <button ng-click="updateApplyTest()">Update Using ng-click</button>
      <button id="updateApplyTestJavascriptWithoutApply">
	  Update Using Javascript click with $digest()</button>
     <button id="updateApplyTestJavascript">
	 Update Using Javascript click with $apply()</button>
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