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Oracle min() Function

The Oracle min() function returns the minimum value from specific field. It is used when you need to find smallest value from fields value.

Oracle MIN FUNCTION Syntax

To find smallest value from specific field in a table, use the following syntax:


FROM tablename
WHERE condition;


tablename: The table name from which you want to fetch records.

col1: The column or field name from which the smallest value will be return.

condition: To specifies the conditions that must be fulfilled. It is optional.

Oracle MIN FUNCTION example

The following Oracle, find smallest value of the numeric field "workingHours" in the "tblCustomerLoan" table:


SELECT MIN(workingHours) AS MinHover FROM tblCustomerLoan;


In the above example, we are finding smallest value from "workingHours" numeric field in tblCustomerLoan" table.