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AngularJS Built In Filters

There are situations when you require to display formated output of your data. AngulerJS helps you to do this by providing built in filters like currency, limitto etc. A filter in AngularJS, allows you to transform or format the data in a specified criteria. It transform your data without changing original data.

AngularJS Built in Filters

Here is a list of AngularJS built in filters with description.

Currency It is used to formate number as currency.
Date It is used to set date format.
FilterIt is used to filter or search an item from array.
Json It is used to javascript object to Json object.
LimitTo It is used to extract subset of array with specified number of items.
Lowercase It is used convert any string to lower case.
Number It is used to format any number as string.
OrderBy It is used to set array order ascending or descending.
Uppercase It is used convert any string to upper case.

In order to understand each filter, click on any filter listed in the above table.