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AngularJS Intellisence for Visual Studio 2013 IDE

AngularJS is a powerful Javascript framework to provide complete client-side solution, especially when you building single-page web applications. AngularJS introduce new attributes to extend the HTML controls features. AngularJS is based on MVC framework that defines how to organize your web application. Your application is defined with modules that can depend from one to the others.

In order to use AngularJS, you can use any any text editor, but you can take advantage of AngularJS intelliSense support if you are developing web application using Visual Studio IDE. AngularJS intelliSense helps you while writing AngularJS code by providing list of available properties and functions which increase developer's productivity and reduce development time.

By default, Visual Studio 2013 doesn't have in-built intelliSense support for AngularJS code. You need to enable intelliSense in Visual Studio 2013 when working with AngularJS. In order to enable AngularJS intelliSense in Visual Studio 2013, download angular.intellisense.js JavaScript file for Visual Studio 2013 and keep it in the below location of your machine:

Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\JavaScript\References 

The AngularJS intelliSense helps will be available to ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebForm, Windows Store apps projects.