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AngularJS Scopes

Scope is a special type of object in AngularJS and it act's like bridge between controller and view. It can hold any type of javascript type including object. In AngularJS, scopes are arranged in hierarchical structure which mimic the DOM structure. The scope object are declare as data model in controller to hold the properties and accessible to the view.

AngularJS Scopes Example

<title>My first AngularJS Scope code</title>
<Script SRC="">
//Defining Controller Using AngularJS Module
var app = angular.module('yourApp', []);
    app.controller('yourController', function($scope) {
        $scope.customer = { name: "Jimi Scott", address: "12-13-283/A1", email: "[email protected]" };
<div ng-app="yourApp">
<div ng-controller="yourController"> 
<p>Customer Name : {{ }}</p>
<p>Customer Name : {{ customer.address }}</p>
<p>Customer Name : {{ }}</p>
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