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AngularJS Setup

AngularJS is a powerful Javascript framework to provide complete client-side solution, especially when you building single-page web applications. AngularJS introduce new attributes to extend the HTML controls features.

In order to start using AngularJS, you need to include the AngularJS file in the HTML page so that you can use AngularJS in your web pages. AngularJS downloading and setup is quite simple and takes no time and money. Go to the site and click on Download AngularJS 1 button.

This will open Download AngularJS dialog box and select a minified version, select 1.5.x(stable) from Branch option and then Minified for the build option. Click on Download button.

You are ready to go, you are ready to use and implement AngularJS in your web application. You have alternate option to use AngularJS files in your web application by using a Content Distribution Network (CDN), instead of having the files on the local server. In order to use the Content Distribution Network (CDN) you simply need to add following script in the element:

<script src="">