.Net Framework Tools

.Net Framework brings variety of command line tools. This tools will automatically install with visual studio. In order to use these command line tools is by using the Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio. You can also find this tool from Microsoft windows SDK folder of installed visual studio folder.

.NET Framework Tools

Usually, bellow syntax are used to define the method in CSharp

Global Assembly Cache Tool - Gacutil.exe

This tool allows you to view and manipulate the contents of the global assembly cache and download cache.


gacutil [options] [assemblyName | assemblyPath | assemblyListFile]

Assembly Linker - Al.exe Tool

This tool is used to generate or create an assembly manifest file from modules or resource files. This tool is basically use create multi-file assembly. A multi-file assembly is useful to combine modules and resource developed under different .NET languages into a single application.


al [source] [options]

IL Assembler - Ilasm.exe Tool

The .NET, compiled code converted into MSIL which is platform independent code. This code further converted to native code. You can use Ilasm tool to generate a portable executable (PE) file from the MSIL code. You can specify multiple source files to produce a single PE file.


Ilasm [source] filename [options]

IL Disassembler - Ildasm.exe Tool

In order to view contains of compiled assembly, use Ildasm tool. Using this tool you can view all the properties and method with parameters of compiled assembly. This tool takes a portable executable (PE) file that contains intermediate language (IL) code and creates a text file that can be input to the IL Assemble.


Ildasm [source] filename

Code Access Security Policy Tool - Caspol.exe Tool

This tool enables you to view and configure security policy for the machine, user and enterprise policy level.


caspol [options]