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HTML Embed Tag

As you know, a plugin is a program located on the client computer that handles its own special type of data file. Common plugins are there for sounds and movies. HTML Embed Tag refers to an integration point for an interactive content (in other words, a plug-in) or an external application.


	<embed src=" here..">

HTML Embed Example

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>My HTML Embed Tag Example</title>
<embed src="helloworld.swf">

Embed Attributes List

The below table contains Frame Attributes and their description which is supported by HTML.

Attribute NameAttribute ValueAttribute Description
srcURLrefers to the url of the resource being embedded.
heightpixelsrefers to the height of the resource
widthpixelsrefers to the width of the resource
typemedia typerefers to the MIME type to use to select the plug-in to instantiate