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PL/SQL After Update Trigger

In PL/SQL the AFTER UPDATE Trigger will fire after the UPDATE operation is executed.

PL/SQL After Update Trigger Syntax



CREATE TRIGGER trigger_name: To create trigger with sutable name.

REPLACE OR REPLACE TRIGGER trigger_name: To replace trigger with sutable name.

AFTER: To specifies when you want the trigger to be executed. The INSTEAD OF clause is used for creating trigger on a view.

UPDATE: To specifies DML operation.

[ON table_name]: To specifies the name of the table associated with the trigger.

[FOR EACH ROW]: To specifies a row level trigger, Otherwise the trigger will execute just once when the SQL statement is executed.

WHEN (condition): The condition on which the trigger would fire. This is valid for row level triggers.

PL/SQL After Update Trigger Example

To show how to create an AFTER UPDATE trigger using the CREATE TRIGGER statement, use the following syntax: