PL/SQL Exception

PL/SQL Exception

PL/SQL Interview Questions

PL/SQL Interview Questions and Answers

PL/SQL Advantages

PL/SQL language has the following advantages:

  1. PL/SQL provides a very expressive syntax that makes it easy for anyone who wants to learn PL/SQL.

  2. If you know any other programming languages, you can get familiar with PL/SQL very quickly.

  3. Science PL/SQL is a mixed of SQL statement and procedural structure, it supports both static and dynamic SQL.

  4. PL/SQL allows executing entire block at once and thus increase performance for the applications.

  5. PL/SQL is a procedural language and can be used to write programs that include variables, loops,operators etc. to carry out multiple selects/inserts/updates/deletes.

  6. PL/SQL provides support for Object-Oriented Programming.

  7. PL/SQL is allows you to write program blocks, functions, procedures, triggers and packages.

  8. PL/SQL provides access to predefined SQL packages.