TypeScript Class Accessor

Like other object oriented programming language, TypeScript also support getter and setter to access and set class members. This approach provides greater control over how a member is accessed on each object.

Here, customer class has two private members. In order to assign value to the private members, we have created two public property called FirstName and LastName. This property will be used to set the value to the private member and retrieve the value from object members.

The example demonstrates how to set and get value from object using getter and setter property.

TypeScript Getter and Setter Property Example

class Customer {
   private fname: string;
   private lname: string;

    get FirstName(): string {
        return this.fname;

    set FirstName(firstName: string) {
            this.fname = firstName;

    get LastName(): string {
        return this.lname;

    set LastName(lastName: string) {
            this.lname = lastName;
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