TypeScript Class Inheritance

In object oriented world, inheritance is most common feature in which sub class or derived class can take advantage to accessing base class functionality or an existing class can be further extended to create new one using inheritance.

TypeScript Getter and Setter Property Example

class classA {
    name: string;
    address: string;
    phone: string;
    constructor(name: string, address: string, phone: string) 
     this.name = name;
     this.address = address;
     this.phone = phone;
    print() {
	return this.name + " " + this.address + " " + this.phone;
class classB extends classA {
    constructor(name: string, address: string, phone: string) 
	{ super(name, address, phone); }
let b = new classB("Jimi Scott","12-13/A12", "8637832178");
Try it Yourself

In this example, extend keyword is used to create subclass which is classB. The classB has base class called classA. Here, class classB is deriving from classA and gaining access to its features.

In the example, we instantiated sub class and created object by passing parameters value. This will call subclass constructor, which will call further base class constructor and set the value to the member of base class. Next, call print function of base class from sub class which will print the value.