Useful tools for web developers
Every developer has its own collection of utilities that helps to save there development time. So it's always good to find tools that can make your work faster and more productive. Here we've gathered together some of the most useful tools.
1. Visual Studio 2012 Express Editions
Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web is an easy-to-use environment for developing dynamic web and cloud applications.It features a streamlined interface that focuses on providing the tools that you need for creating web applications.
2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Editions
Visual Studio 2010 Express Editions is very usefull to build user friendly web application. It is not as feature-rich as Visual Studio, but has all the tools necessary to develop ASP.NET applications.
3. SQL Server 2012 Express Editions
SQL Server 2012 Express Editions is a powerful and reliable free data management system that delivers a rich and reliable data store for lightweight Web Sites and desktop applications.
4. Microsoft PEX
Pex automatically generates test suites with high code coverage. Right from the Visual Studio code editor, Pex finds interesting input-output values of your methods, which you can save as a small test suite with high code coverage. Microsoft Pex is a Visual Studio add-in for testing .NET Framework applications.
5. FxCop
FxCop is a static code analysis tool that checks .NET managed code assemblies for conformance to the Microsoft .NET Framework Design Guidelines.
6. ReSharper
ReSharper is very populer tool among those who is using Microsoft Visual Studio. It provides a very powerful template-based code generation platform that can improve developer productivity by leaps and bounds. For most inspections, ReSharper provides quick-fixes to improve code in one way or another.
7. LINQPad
LINQPad lets you interactively query SQL databases in a modern query language: LINQ. It also a great way to learn LINQ: it comes loaded with 500 examples from the book, C# 5.0 in a Nutshell. It also lets you query against SQl,Objemct, XML etc using Linq.The best thing, LINQPad is free and needs no installation: just download and run. The executable less than 2 MB and is self-updating.
8. Fiddler
Fiddler allows you to inspect all incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic. This is very useful for debugging web applications or web services on your local machine by inspecting the HTTP requests and responses to localhost to look at posting data, recieving data, cookies, header information, etc.
9. .NET Reflector
Dot NET Reflector lets you step into and debug any third-party code and assemblies, right inside Visual Studio, even if you don't have their source code. Dot NET Reflector can be used to track down performance problems and bugs, browse classes, and maintain or help become familiar with code bases. It can also be used to find assembly dependencies, and even windows DLL dependencies, by using the Analyzer option.
10. NUnit
NUnit is a unit-testing framework for all .Net languages, ported from JUnit the popular Java based framework. This is a completely standalone product, which is particularly useful if you are using Visual Web Developer 2010 Express which has no built in unit-testing.

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