.NET Framework

.NET framework provides revolutionary platform developed by Microsoft to develop different applications. .NET framework runs on windows operating system, but open source version of .NET framework that will run on different operating system which includes Linux and Mac OS. In addition, you can use .NET compact framework in PDA and your smart phone as well. .NET framework is a platform that provides you environment which you can use to development different kinds of application such as web application, distributed application, web service etc.

.NET framework consists of four major pieces:

  • Application Development Technology - This includes different application technologies such as ASP.NET, WinForm, Web Service etc.
  • Class Libraries - This includes extensive set of class libraries such as Data Access, Regular Expression, XML, Queuing Support, Directory Service etc.
  • Base Class Library - This is huge class libraries which include Collections, Thread, Code Generation, IO, Reflection and security.
  • Common Language Runtime - This is the runtime environment of .NET Framework which is responsible to execute the managed code on machine.