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AngularJS ng-Model Directive

The AngularJS ng-model directive is used to bind an input,select, textarea etc elements with model property.


<div ng-model="siteName"></div>

AngularJS ng-Model Directive Example

<title>My first AngularJS ng-model Directive code</title>
<Script SRC="">
//Defining Controller Using Standard Javascrip Object Constructor
function CustomerController($scope) {
	$ = "Jimi Scotts";
	$scope.address = "12-13-283/A1";
	$ = "";
<div ng-app="">
<div ng-controller="CustomerController"> 

<input type="text" ng-model="name"> </br>
<input type="text" ng-model="address">   </br>
<input type="text" ng-model="email">   

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